Yoyo Benefit!?

Can anybody tell me what yoyo’s benefit for our health or something about other yoyo benefits???

it’s for my school homework

thank you :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I would think it would improve your coordination.

My main work is also my hobby: doing professional concert sound production. If it wasn’t for the fact the gear is so heavy, I’d set it up at home and use it when I’m not doing shows. But alas, the back won’t cooperate sometimes, and also, some of the gear is way too large as well as heavy and requires at least someone else to assist.(like removing the lid off my console’s road case, which is 86 inches wide by 60 inches tall and weights about 80 pounds).

So, I chose yoyo as something else to do. It seems to help me deal with stress and to relax as well. Also, I have depression issues and similarly, the HIGH I get from doing sound is compounded by the extreme LOW when I’m not doing sound, so yoyo helps kinda even things out. At least the lows aren’t so low anymore.

Note: I’m not being treated with drugs for my depression. I’ve refused to go that route. Basically me making a statement on what I think about the usage of drugs for the psychiatric profession.

Can’t be medically proven, but that’s how it seems to work for me.

^^^^^^Mine is kind of the same as Studio42’s (except less extreme since I’m only 13 years old). But yeah, I agree. When I’m really stressed out about school work, not only is it a great waste of time ;), but it’s also a great stress reliever. It helps me relax. Also, I’m assuming it does improve hand-eye coordination.

you should message the user SenseiDave… his son has autism and he found that the yoyo really helped calm down his son, so much so that he started the foundation “Eli Hops for Hope”, which so far has hosted one event featuring yoyoing, music, art, and other things to help fight autism

Well that’s cool…

Benefits of yoyoing:

  1. Eye hand coordination
  2. Spatial relationships
  3. Timing
  4. Purposeful movement patterns
  5. rythm
  6. Stress relief (can be a sorce of stress as well)
  7. Personal sense of accomplishment
  8. Creativity
  9. entertainment for yoyoer and spectators
  10. Brings people together on forums, at clubs, and competitions.
  11. Helps the economy to a small extent.
  12. Encourages communication and discussion
  13. Most importantly, IT’S JUST AMAZINGLY FUN!!!

There’s a difference between GOOD stress and bad stress.

The bad stress is like working under tight deadlines with idiots not doing their tasks and you having to find ways to cover for them. That’s an example of bad stress.

I do find SOME stress in yoyo’ing, but it’s still enjoyable and it stress that comes and goes and I’m in control. I have it sometimes when I’m throwing, but it’s the stress and frustration of trying to land a new trick or accomplish some move or element. Like, right now I’m stuck with drop in the bucket, so I’m taking time to refine trapeze and double or nothing, or I just work on my dismount of being in a trapeze, reversing that into an upside down trapeze for a clean bind return finish. Or, exit the split bottom mount with what I think is a front mount for a nice clean bind return. Put the yoyo down, stress gone.

wow, thanks for everybody for helping me! :smiley:

Its builds creativity from making up tricks.

For me:
Great stress reliever - I had moments where I felt like smacking the wall but instead, began throwing strong sleepers to release the energy.
Great ice breaker & conversation starter - try throwing in public, you will see
Great to keep yourself from becoming bored - you can take these anywhere practically, and is a nice way to put the electronics aside and play with something simple
And last but not least: Great way to express yourself, much like art. There’s no right way or wrong way of yoyoing and nailing a trick, it’s a way of making the trick (or combo) ‘yours.’

  • social (you get to travel, meet people)
  • coordination
  • perseverance
  • self confidence
  • creativity
  • focus

Definitely a stress reliever for me. I just get lost in it. I literally can stay in one spot throwing for hours.

Whenever I try and record however…HUGE stress inducer…

great posts and I agree, for me I love it because it gets me away from things. I like Chris, am in the entertainment production field and after doing contracts, or DJ’ing or gigs, I just want to get my mind off of everything, I grab my yoyo and just start throwing it around and focusing on landing tricks gets my mind off of the troubles and challenges of work. Same reason I used to play world of warcraft. (That just became way too time consuming)

So yes, the biggest thing for me is it allows me to escape to another place, plus if I don’t take my mind off of everything else and focus on yoyo’ing I’m bound to knock myself out or one of my kids who are aimlessly walking or crawling around the house :slight_smile: