is it just me or is yoyoing theriputic for you

is it just me or is yoyoing theriputic for anyone els, what i mean is when i get upset i get muisc go out side to a quite spot close my eyes and yoyo im not saying im amazig with my els closed i just do side mount/dismount stuff but its rly calming so yeah am i the only one?

and by muisc i dont mean what i listen to noramly i mean claming strings music for exmple i use the sound track from a si-fy game eve online

you misspelled therapeutic

This is definitely true for me. I always find myself yoyoing more when I am busy and stressed than when I’m not, which really seems counter-intuitive since those are probably the times when I really shouldn’t be yoyoing.

I had trouble sleeping like a month before I started college, so that really became yoyo time for me. It slowed down all the thoughts whirling in my head and made me super extra sleepy instead of just plain worn out. Truth be told, there are some points in my life I don’t know what I would do if it hadn’t been for yoyoing.

I never really could find a hobby I could stick with (I don’t count art/drawing that is just part of me, it’s ingrained in my DNA). I always somehow I will always come back to yoyoing. It doesn’t have to be something that I make myself do every day, or even every week.

It also goes so well with creativity, and as I mentioned earlier art and drawing are just part of me, they aren’t a hobby. No matter how hard I try to keep my sketches in one place and focus during class, there will always be doodles on my notes. This is part of why I find yoyoing so great, right now I am painting/experimenting with some butterflies and an imperial and I sort of just disappear into my own little world for a little while.

As for tricks, I like that I can learn them in the order that I want, change them and just do what I want. There are no rules to yoyoing, only guidelines and that alone is a calming thought. It means that there is nothing wrong if I learn to throw and catch an offstring with a butterfly painted in chalkboard paint and patterned ducktape on the rims. Which I did and it was one of the most fun and most frustrating experiences of my life. However when I am trying something new I am not worrying, which is something I do way too often.

Sorry for such a long post, which kind of went off topic a bit.

you are just like me ive been whating to find a hobby for i dont even know mabye the day i was born, later on in my life i was looking for this hobby i tired drawing, wirtting, didnt even attempt singing or dancing when i was young i sucked at yoyos and hated them i had a yo-ball or what ever its called its bascly a ball yoyo that comes back like a clutch yoyo excpet it didnt sleep but this is obuivs the thing was a ball how would they have made it sleep anywase i loved using the thing and it turns out it was making better at my form of throwing yoyos then like 7 years later i was at the skating rink with this girl i was dating(sadly am not now) and she brought a yoyo it wasnt like a trick yoyo i think it was imperail shape and ik it was wood so she was able to thorw it down and bring it back i was like thats rly cool she handed it to me to let me try i told her in advance that i was sorry if i broke it i threw it down made it sleep and brought back better then she had ever done i sat there for at lest 3 minutes amaezed at what i did she then finnly asked me whats worng that was rly good and i said thats just the thing i havent thrown a real yoyo befor ever and the fact that i just did that wass a litle stuning so later that year she got me a yoyo for xmas it was a lime light and i loved the thing i used it to the point it doesnt even say limelight on it anymore so later i got a velcoity and i just yoyoed alot then on oct 7 2013 we broke up and i was devstated and still am to the point im now typing this in tears she was everything to me she was the reason i had hope for anything in this life i almost killed my slef on my 16 bday but then my mom had me get in the car and we drove to her house where she clamed me down with her soothing voice and her warming hugs so once we broke up i didnt know what to do i thougt my life wad over and to be honest i still havent 100% gotten over even today but befor when we broke up man i didnt care about anything my grades where no higher then 20’s i skiped a clases atlest 4 times a week one week i skiped the same class the eniter week i started doubting everything thing even God himself i started to condser worshiping the devil cuz if he is the reason we suffer then if we worhdhip him he wouldnt make us suffer but i never did, i did however stop goig to church kept skipping school and didnt have a day go by were i cussed someone in my famliy out then one day i just walked outside and kept walking i wasnt planongn on ever coming back after about an hour of walking i flet sonthing rub against my hip and i looked down and saw my yoyo it was on my beltloop thing becuz i got usef to having t where ever i went even though i didnt use t since my break up, so just looked at it i took it of the loop and tried throw it in the streat but i couldnt, i couldnt force my slef to let go of it, so i took it put the string on my thinger and started yoyoing some i was listening to death meatel at the time and thought i was on my meatel only playllist turns out i wasnt cuz all of the sudden a techno/trance song started plying it was my fav one its called flying high and then i relized i went from the most pitfullle yoyoing to do some rly good tricks and i started to become happy again so i started walking in the deraction towrds my home then every day i would go outside and yoyo and i would start to feel better. so i started using it as a stress relief. long story short things happen in your life but they all lead to somthing if i never had a yo-ball then i wouldnt be ableto yoyo if i never meet her i would have never relized how well i could yoyo and if i never had my heart chrused like that i might have head it chrushed worse some other way and not knowing that yoyoing helps my cope who knows what i would have done if my heart was chrused even worse but now nothing seems to keep my sad forever thanks to yoyos

Yoyoing is therapeutic. But not as therapeutic as paragraphs, commas, and full-stops!


It is until it isn’t, if you know what I mean. :wink: There are times I’ve been in need of therapy after a yoyo session.


I can relate to this. Certain frustrating tricks, or those days you just can’t seem to land anything. Yoyo through the drywall time…

Yoyoing can be very relaxing. That is, until you own cats =X.

then again that can be funny after a certain point with your cat watching the Yoyo move.

Throwing a yo-yo is very relaxing to me, yes, as long as I don’t let myself get frustrated over not being able to land a trick.

You’d be surprised by how therapeutic omitting all those things can be :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Yoying is very relaxing for me too

I have days that I can’t even land a trapeze and I get sooo frustrated. Normally those days I need sleep though.

Then there are “Why does this yoyo play so amazing compared to that one? I loved that yoyo yesterday!” days. That’s normally when I need to change the string though, which can take me a week or two to realize. Silly me!

Dang I was not expecting that. Hoped everything worked out for you man. I find it very relaxing and especially now where it is natural to do some of the movements without thinking. I don’t close my eyes but its kind of like it takes me away to a peaceful place. So yes it helps me be calm and it is very fun while doing it. However when learning tricks, I want to smash my yoyo into a wall, but it’s all good haha.

Like I said earlier yoyoing is very relaxing for me it really helps me calm down after may dad has a big anger explosion

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I toalty get it, thing is im uslly doing this on my phone so i dont understand how i would spell check. also at the time i was typing that alot was going on such as i was sad,i was on a bus to school and was almost there so didnt have much time, and also the bus hits alot of bumps making it harder to type.

Well, I have anxiety. And the only thing that doesn’t send me over the edge is yoyoing. When my “friends” make fun of me, I yoyo. 8)

It definantly (that’s how definitely should be spelled) is calming for me. If I get into an argument I yoyo a lot. It gets my mind in order and calms me down. It’s nice.

yes, yoyo can help anyone through hard times. its a really powerful toy.