Throwing to relieve stress?

Anyone else find yoyoing relaxing? Like meditation in a sense to me. Focusing on tricks makes me forget about what I was mad, sad, angry about. Put on a good song and pick up a yoyo and i’m good.

Absolutely, man. Pop in the ear buds, hit play, and start throwing and flowing! It’s like an isolation booth.

Just the music and the tricks flowing together.

When I get FURiOUS at my brothers or super mad, yoyoing immediately calms me down :).

I think it SHOULD be like that for me. But it’s not. Because half the time when I try to grab a moment to throw a bit, somebody needs something from me. So I get all “DARN IT! WILL YOU JUST LET ME THROW?”


OK, I don’t get all that angry. But it’s true that the “meditative” side of it eludes me most of the time. Even late at night when I find time for some throwing time, I often have 2 dogs that like to be under foot and I can’t throw calmly without fear of cracking them in their stupid lovable skulls with 66g of aluminum.

Anybody who watched my MonkeyfingeR contest video… the truth is that this is half the reason I filmed it outside! Half for a giggle and half to have some peace and quiet to throw. lol!

all the time

i throw every 1-2 hours of homework just to keep my mind at ease (hw makes me stressed)

Throwing is definitely super relaxing, can go fast, slow, smooth, or rough. So many varities:)

Absolutely. I think part of the reason I’ve been so obsessed with throwing the past month and a half, and the reason I’ve been throwing every night, is that work’s been stressful of late. Throwing totally calms me down (even after I screw up Kwyjibo for the hundredth time in a row).

It’s like an instant relaxifier for me, it just takes so much of my concentration and focus, it’s a perfect mediation device. It’s also a bit of a habit for me… The second my hands are free, they creep into my pocket to grab my yoyo, but usually that’s while I’m at school, and I can’t throw in class!


I used to be kinda destructive when I’m angry, but now I would just grab any yoyo, and focus on any trick.
kinda distracted me from anything, including stress and anger, which is good.

The YoYo is an extension of our being, and what we express is what resides in our soul.
Our body may express anger or stress on the outside, but the yoyos natural movement brings out what lies within us, which is peace and calm. Through movement and flow, it acts as a method of stress relief, bringing out the tranquil spirit that resides in us all.

^ ^


Of course it distracts me from the grind of day to day life and it give me joy …

Yoyoing is a very meditative experience for me. It always calms me down.

Yes I find it very mediative. No matter what there is just something about the feel of the string that slides on my fingers that just feels good.

Lowers my blood pressure when i begin losing my temper @ work

Yup I sure do.

Yes - It really does. When school’s giving me a rough time I like to take it out and just let it flow. A lot of times before tests I take it out and it relaxes my mind. Sometimes I use it it show off. Sometimes if there is nothing more important to do. This is one of the reasons why I love yoyoing. :slight_smile:

ikr? So many uses…

Definitely. Relieves stress, and helps me think clearly. I always start yoyoing when I’m stuck on homework, but that’s usually short lived because my parents tell me to get back on it…

Oh yeah! Yo-yoing helps me get over my loneliness at school.