Yo-yo for stress

Anyone every yo-yo when your stressed out?

I’ve been going through some health issues the last few months, and man I’ve had some serious anxiety and stress.

But as soon as I grab one of my throws, it all seems to go away. All becomes well haha

I’ve had tons of hobbies, but they have never served as such an escape before. All that matters is right here hitting that trick.

And I always feel a ton better when I’m done too! Idk if everyone has felt this way, but man it’s been great for me!


Yep it’s a fidget for anxiety and a great way to blow off steam


Really helps me to turn off my brain and go deep to a state of yo. Helps put distance and perspective between me and life stress. Glad you’re into it and playing yoyo is helping destress.


If it weren’t for yoyo and a glass of Four Roses every now and then I’d go insane. One of the main reasons I love this hobby is because it just turns off everything else in the world


Yup. I’m a nurse and often go home after a tough shift and yoyo in silence for like an hour to decompress lol


Definitely fits the bill for me as well. Skill acquisition was part of it: as I get older and other abilities start to plateau or decline, it’s nice to see something in my life improve (besides my charming personality :slight_smile: ). But as new, comfortable brain pathways are formed, I tend to run over them repeatedly as a way to spend nervous energy or just “relax” after work etc. A major downside to it though, is now I’m feeling some pain in my throwing arm. I believe it’s called golfer’s elbow, but obviously a lot of repeated motion can cause it. Yoyoing seems to be particularly suited to causing it actually. Hopefully I can find a way to manage it. Not sure I have the patience or willpower to throw with my left/non-dominant hand exclusively or take a complete yoyo hiatus to recover.


Throwing does help get your mind off things that might be stressful.
I also find juggling to help, of course it adds a level of a different kind of stress, so there’s that to consider.


Always lots of other skill toy options. like kendama (bad on knees) or balisong (bad for hands if using a live blade). I love those two hobbies and just started getting into juggling.


Could not agree more, and use throws very much the in that way when I am in those head spaces. Yo-yos are great help during the up and downs of any life no matter how complex.

Unless you are in an environment that will not allow shoe laces or string. Ha ha ha

Have a great rest of the week everyone


That’s one of the biggest appeals of yoyoing to me. Whether you’re just standing around mindlessly throwing it down and pulling it back up or you’re having a transcendental experience while doing things you never thought were humanly possible by a human being and a round spinning object on a string, it really is a great stress reliever.


I used to be a paramedic and I get that hahah


Doesn’t really de-stress me much but I throw for a few moments just to hit a few tricks when I’m outside my front door or in places where me and my cat, Buddy would walk at the edge of the woods.


I started throwing again mainly to see if it would help me with my stress and it does to a degree. Takes my mind off things while I concentrate on tricks.


My old job used to stress me out a ton. I’d take my breaks outside and just throw. Great way to get into my own little zen.



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It’s been bringing a lot of satisfaction back into my life and helping with motor functions and hand eye coordination after some life altering stuff. I always loved yo-yoing as a kid and enjoyed it some as a young adult, but after so long it seems crazy to me how much joy this darn little toy on a string brings into my days.


I throw at work for the kids and it de-stresses me and de-stresses them. It gives me an opportunity to connect with them and show them a new way of looking at problems. My dad had an on and off struggle with drug addiction when I was young and I was in a constant state of stress, I always just went and skated and lost myself in the flow of the concrete. The bumps in my life would be blurred by motion.

Now I can offer some advice to kids like myself and show them a means of finding something they’re passionate about. Yo-yos are(can be) cheap and it’s a pocketable shrine with which you can stop and absorb whats around you or pray to gravity for a minute.

I always throw when I’m stressed, or happy, or upset, and I always feel grounded again, even if for a moment. : )


Absolutely. I don’t really get stressed often, but when I throw everything else just melts away. It’s meditative and relaxing. Also, those moments when you hit something just right = :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:.


Love this

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For me Yo-yos also have an amulet quality.
I was thinking on this a bit.

I am an average player, I frequently have to refresh my self on tricks and trick elements that I know well because I have not hit them enough I am sure. I try to move to other tricks with different movements as to not get stuck in a rut. This is not a negative for me at my throwing phase. I figured this was a common rebuilding and breaking down thing, I have always accepted this as the retaining of such small movements a rearranging muscle firing order.

The amulet breaks you down and builds you up kinda thing.

I kinda enjoy the cramps of nth middle finger and index finger string pinches. That just me

Everyone enjoy the rest of the week