Anyone else use yo-yos to help with anxiety?


I’ve been contemplating whether or not to post this here, but I figured it might be helpful.

Short summary: I’ve recently been diagnosed with a sort of mild Obsessive Compulsive disorder and it causes me anxiety. I’ve generally used my hobbys (like yo-yo) to help combat this, but it just wasn’t enough. I’ve found that my healthy yo-yo addiction and some meds and I feel better than I have in a long time.

I’ve found that yo-yo has been REALLY helpful in helping me cope with anxiety and just keeping my hands and mind busy. Just hoping my story could help.

If this is the wrong place for this or this type of thing isn’t allowed, please remove.


Thank you for sharing that.
Lots of folks are throwing therapeutically here, for sure. It really is a healthy hobby, and
it can be done inexpensively (i imagine) . It is a great way to connect with others, but you can still enjoy it alone… so yeah, throws and brews… works for me.


Completely agree with you buddy. I was diagnosed with depression after a really bad event in my life in in August 2015 and discovering YoYo-ing in mid 2016 really helped me to control the negative thoughts that i was drowning in.


I do :+1:

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Life is too stressful without a yoyo.




Throwing is just one of the things i enjoy that lets my brain stop thinking about everything. This video was amazing. Ive watched all of the videos from throws and brews I liked this one the best . Keep them coming.




Thanks for sharing, Brother!

I like what you said about reaching out if you just don’t feel right. It can be too easy to keep things in to a breaking point.

Yoyoing is great for relieving stress. Personally, I do have to keep a check, not always successfully, on the spending aspect, or that can actually add stress to my life.

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I get anxiety instead lol. That time when my performance is inconsistent on stage, that time when each yoyo setup is slightly different in 2a, that time when my pair of yoyo have different setup than the other pair even though I can use them just fine, that time when the string is broken in just perfectly but I kept playing and suddenly it’s worn out a little too much, and some other things.
But I enjoy it so…


Yes. Yoyoing helps me deal with stress and anxiety a lot. In fact, throwing helped me quit smoking for good about a year and a half ago. It keeps your hands busy, which in turn keeps your mind occupied, and that’s a very good thing for someone who worries all the time.


Yeah, I can see where competitive yoyoing could work the opposite way!


Same for me. Picked up the yoyo on accident one day and have stuck with it. I still suck but it relieves stress and keeps me busy.


I’ve got so many inspiring stories both publicly and privately from this video. You guys are all heroes to me and I have a tremendous respect for all of you.

You are all the real heroes.


Thanks to all who shared. I’ve been thinking a bit about what makes the yoyo community special. It isn’t the crazy variety of yoyos, or the never ending possibility for creating tricks. It is the people.


Yes, and try yoga as well. It’s easy to find something off YouTube, and it won’t cost you anything to try. If nothing else you become more flexible, and yoga encourages concentration.


I try to do 15 min of yoga in the morning. Mostly to get stretched out for the day. Yoga, then coffee, then yo-yo and I’m in my happy place.



I recently got back into it, and its reminded me how much I used it for stress back in HS/College for sure. Ive always been very fidgety and tactile (clicking pens, shaking my leg while sitting, biting my nails, etc.) and lately Its curbed those things again.

I also need to be constantly stimulated. I wind down by solving puzzles (love video games for this), researching hobbies, or planning my next project (I have a few going at once with different hobbies of mine)

I find I need less time to wind down if I throw for a good 20-30 minutes before bed or right after work.

I now own a few businesses and anxiety is my life right now as theyre in early stages and havent made profits yet, so it helps keep my mind off things for a few minutes at a time.


Yeah it is relaxing. That is until you wack your knuckles really hard. Lol



Next question. :smiley: