Yoyoing and mental health

Hey guys! I ran across this video and thought I would share it! I think all of us can agree that yoyoing has had a big impact on our lives. For me, yoyoing has given me a relief from anxiety, and a higher sense of self confidence. I hope this video resonates with you. Share your thoughts!!


What a wholesome feel-good video. Can completely relate to using yo-yos to distract from anxiety. Really cool to see it introduced in children’s counseling. My heart swelled watching this video <3


Awww. I’m glad!

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Thanks for sharing that, Katie. I’m glad it resonates with you and others.


Yeah I have been suffering from depression over the past few years and yoyoing has been a big help in making me feel better. It reminds me that I am actually good at something and it builds my self esteem.


Great post Katie. Challenging one’s self and learning new things is always healthy. I work 75-90 hours a week and my weeknights were basically get to the hotel and go straight to bed. I fall into ruts easily with this kind of lifestyle and it gets worse the older I get. Now that I got back into throwing, I’m more active and stimulating my brain. It is nice having something to look forward to at the end of the day.

I drink less, am almost fully done with smoking because I’d rather be playing. I’ve even lost some weight thanks to my yoyo walks. Life is full of distractions but I believe that I have finally found a positive one in these yoyos. I am glad that you find relief in your anxiety.


My mom passed away in the middle of 2017 unexpectedly at the young age of just 55. She was a MAJOR part of my life. My best friend. Though I live in my own apartment, I spent just about every day with her…we did a lot of fun stuff together.

It’s been the hardest thing in my life I’ve ever been through.
I jumped into yoing at the tail end of some major depression/grieving. That first 1 1/2 years was tough.

I really needed something to obsess over. Something that could take over a bunch of my life…and it’s done just that.

I’ve stabilized greatly over the last year and am now doing pretty damn well…better then I’ve done in many years.

Yoing has been and continues to be very important to me.


Yoyoing entered my life (again and ‘properly’) at Christmas of 2017. At the time I was working a job which I really really hated which was causing me a great deal of anxiety and depression, I was also drinking heavily to cope with it. Yoyoing gave me something different to focus my energy on and helped me develop enough confidence to do something about it, later in the year I found a new job at a College which is where I am still at.

Yoyoing (and other skill toys) definitely help with anxiety and definitely help calm a lot of my restlessness.


Yoyoing has been a game-changer for me, too. It’s not just a hobby; it’s like therapy on a string. Whenever I pick up my yoyo, it’s like all my worries take a backseat.I totally understand your anxiety relief and that boost in self-confidence. It’s amazing how something as simple as yoyoing can have such a profound impact on our mental health. It’s like a little escape from the daily grind.In the meantime, I’ve been looking into Adderall recently, and the Adderall side effects can be quite something. It’s wild how different things can affect us, right?


Honestly, I don’t think it’s helped me at all.

First of all, I am crazy about yo-yos.

Secondly, I go nuts when I learn a new trick.

Third, I go insane when YoYoExpert has a 20% off sale.

Fourth, I get psychopathic when I see a killer deal on the BST.

Fifth, when I miss a trick three or four times in a row that I learned two years ago and I’ve done 2000 times, I get mentally disturbed

So………I have to say that yo-yos have not improved my mental health.