Can yo-yos be used as therapy? A new PopCast Vlog

Hey y’all, the newest PopCast is especially great for National Yo-Yo Day. It’s an interview with a social worker who uses yo-yos as a form of therapy for kids with social disorders. Check it out and let me know what you think.


Yeessssss. I’m actually part of a “Throw Therapy” group on Facebook. It’s a private group for fellow throwers to vent their frustrations or talk about mental illness without judgement.


Yoyo is very therapeutic. My old job used to stress me out a ton. Management was horrible to us and expected us to walk on water and have our dept try to hold down the fort while the rest of their business was failing, and would jump down our throats when things weren’t right and when we just couldn’t turn the numbers as equipment was eventually failing.

My break times were “me times”… Just popped in the ear buds and stepped outside away from everyone and just threw. I’d zone out and forget what all happened on the other side of those walls…that was until I realized I needed to check the time and head back in. It was those 2 15 minutes I looked forward to out of an otherwise cruddy day and lousy commute to and from work.


For non-smokers, yo-yos are a great excuse for a little 15 minute break. A great way to unwind.


Recently I was recovering from multiple surgeries, unable to walk more than a couple of steps, but I could stand for like 40 minutes at a time. I through every yo-yo in my collection that wasn’t packaged, the ProYo Killer Bee, Golden Wideload, Mg, something’s that I had for 20 years untouched. It was the best therapy I could have imagined. Helped my sanity and got the circulation going also. Also taking part in the community again after a long hiatus brought me a lot of peace. I’ll share that Vlog post every opportunity I get, the world needs to know the therapeutic benefits this sport / hobby has to offer.