Is yoyoing a sport or hobbie or art or something else

Just wonderin :slight_smile:

oops wrong section

all of the above


For some, all the above.

For some, it’s also a lifestyle.

Whatever it is, it should always be fun. For me, it’s a fun activity/hobby. Since I won’t ever compete, it won’t ever be able to be a sport for me.

look at the second sentence in my sig…

A toy


It’s a way of life.

Yeah, that!!!

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Its not really a sport and its not really a hobby. Its a spobby - AJ Kirk, US Nationals 2006

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A toy. that’s all

A yoyo is a toy, but yoyoing is a spobby. To all you neighsayers…

That is a question only answered by looking with in.

To me it is skill toy, my hobby, my lifestyle.
To my brother who doesn’t yoyo it’s JUST a toy.
To my mom it’s a way for me to have something to do.
To my dad it’s a waste of money.
To my close friends it’s what shows who i am.
As you can see to everyone else it will be something different, it matters on YOU.
But yes, i would say “Spobby” :slight_smile:

More of a circus act…so, talented artistic expression? LoL just trying to come up with a different answer.

It’s a weapon!!!

For me yoyoing is a passion and is my life. I might consider it a hand sport.

yoyoing is my drug,my way of life,my santuary,my talent,my joy,my happynes,
my escape,my everything,and my way to be myself.

thats what yoyoing is to me, and i hope it means the same to others :wink:

in basic terms its a skill toy but to me its a way to pass the time. a gateway to my own little world where no one can bother me or tell me how i could do different, its my life, and hopefully a future profession.