What do consider yo-yoing to be?

I’ve always wondered whether I’m a yo-yo player, a yo-yo enthusiast, a yo-yoist or some other thing. So what do consider yo-yoing to be?

i think it is a hobby.
i would consider it to be a sport but i am not nearly good enough for that. ;D

a blend of the above because it requires talent skill and practice

A Spobart (sport/hobby/art)

“yoyoing is not really a sport and its not really a hobby…
Its a spobby”
-AJ Kirk.

Oh yea I remember that. From the Nationals 06 Promo. Nice one Josh. :smiley:


A fun toy.

It’s not a toy. Definitely not a toy. A verb can’t be a noun. :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think it is a “spobby” or any other mixture of words because you don’t call other “sports” spobbies even though some people only do them as hobbies.

I’m not sure if I think it is an art or not.

In conclusion, I think depending on the person, yo-yoing can be a sport or a hobby.

Its a hobby as well as a sport for me ;D