So I am new and I have questions!

Ahh somebody has a crush. How cute. :stuck_out_tongue: Haha sorry, I couldn’t resist.

Yeah, Jennifer is really good. Sadly, I think she might have “retired from competition” a while ago.

You guys are so funny.

Yeah, after a few more days with the Pyro, it’s my favorite now. I just bought a used 888 too. I am waiting for it to come in the mail.

I am already a statistical anomaly so I don’t mind odd looks from people. I also do magic, especially close up, rope and mentalism. There are not a lot of girls in magic either, so I find that being a female gets me lots of cool opportunities - like professional magicians letting me borrow from their extensive library of magic books and videos they keep under lock and key.

So back to yoyoing. I think it’s an arspobby. Or maybe a arhobort?

How often do you guys clean your bearings?

Haha those are funny words.

I clean my bearings when I feel they need to be cleaned, i.e. it starts to sound funny and I notice a difference in the play. Not very often though.