Where my lady yoyoers at?!?!

Just posting to see if there are any fellow female throwers as passionate about yoyoing as I am! If so, tell me something about yourself!
Here’s a little something something about me :slight_smile:

My name is Alexa, I’ve been yoyoing for about three years (not really sure how I got into it since I don’t know anyone else that throws) and I love it! I just graduated from college, ready to go to grad school so that I can get a grown up job :wink: . Besides that, my other hobbies include scrapbooking, kendama, and hanging out with my fiancé and best friend, Anthony! My favorite throw right now is my G squared Triton, but I’ve recently grown attached to my Yoyojam Surge. :slight_smile:

You should PM TotalArtist and abby1371, they are a couple of our “lady yoyoers” who are around here quite a bit. There’s also “Ulmer is a nerd”. I don’t know, that’s what she calls herself.

They’re here, just sometimes tricky to find.

We’re ALL glad you’re here.

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Doey too.

What are you going to be doing in grad school, if you don’t mind me asking?

Oh, I don’t mind at all! :slight_smile: I am going to get my masters degree and be a Physician Assistant. :slight_smile: It’s four years of med school condenses into two years, fun fun! :wink:

Sweet! One of my good friends is a PA. His wife was an RN and now she doesn’t even work. Just takes care of the kids.

I wish you the best. It will be hard but it is possible. I did a lot of pharmacy stuff in school only to find I actually hated working in a pharmacy… lol. Oh well. Now I’m back to my first love. Marketing. Science and Math are my strong-suits. If you need anything, let me know. I can probably help.

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Aww! Thanks a ton! :slight_smile: I like pharm with regards to drug interactions in the body, but HATE chemistry!! Haha when it comes down to it, the only thing that matters is what makes you happy! What sort of things do you do with marketing?

Yea, that was my main reason for going into it. Too bad I hated dealing with the people the drugs interacted with! Being a PA, I think, will be a lot more tolerable. For the most part, people will not argue with what you tell them. That’s a big plus.

I did some marketing for an online store I started a few years back. I also did some for Litespeed Bicycles when I worked there. Did a little for DirecTV… Uhh… Made a couple flyers for a club/restaurant in Los Angeles. I’m taking a break from all the hubbub right now trying to get some stuff straightened out. I have a lot of other projects going on.

Hi lexallew! Here I am it’s nice to meet you too! Yeah there are a few lady yoyoers here and there such as , (she keeps you up to date on Czech Yoyo companies) doey, ulmerisanerd (she’s sometimes on but not all the time.) and total artist as my friend banjo has stated. (if you ever want someone to talk to he’s great) if you need to find me for any reason I’m on most forum pages or just shoot me a PM I’m on a lot so you should get a reply fairly quick (then again I’m going to be a freshman this year so I’m going to be fairly busy homework wise :confused: ) anyways it nice to meet ya!

Liz F. Is cool

Hi Abby!! Its nice to meet you too! and thanks for the post! Hopefully I’ll get the chance to talk to everyone soon! And good luck with school! Are you starting college? :slight_smile:

She means highschool :wink:

My big sis is also becoming a PA she works like a dog… And we barely ever see her :frowning:

Congrats to your sis! Its definitely not a walk in the park! But it’ll all be worth it in the end! Its an awesome career to have! Good luck to her! :slight_smile:

The ladies of our yoyo community seem to be the nicest always seem to be very helpful :slight_smile: TotalArtist is the best! Also it seems like the amount of female yoyoers on the forum is growing.

Here are my favorite female yoyoers  :slight_smile:

Would really like to see Tessa makes Worlds finals one day.

Ahh!! Tessa is amazing! Great videos, btw! :slight_smile: Thanks!!


Physicians Assistant is a career choice that has a growing practice I believe. My brother-in-law considered moving that direction from the position he held as an ER nurse, then he went into real estate. That was an about face. In my own experience, I always start with the PA in my dermatologists office. She is much more pleasant to deal with frankly and the majority of the time has taken care my needs without having to visit the head guy himself.

An outstanding and honorable career choice!

(…and might I say I feel encouraged knowing someone of such a respectable profession shares my interest in yo-yoing. Take that all you people who think adults throwing high-end bandalores is a childish avocation.)

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Be warned the last girl yoyoer thread was unfortunately locked :-/

I am the one who called for that thread to be locked and did so because it had become ridiculously pointless and silly, to the point of being borderline offensive. Thus far this thread has been appreciable and mature. If we just keep it that way all will be good.

I understand why, I’m simply warning then so they don’t follow the ways of the past :slight_smile:

BTW, what in the world is this thread doing in “YoYo Contests, Clubs and Events”?

I suspect eventually an administrator or mod will be tapping us on the shoulder and asking us to move to a different room.