A few combos and repeaters.

Just a fun video with some old stuff and some new stuff. I had more repeaters that I thought even though I am not really a repeater person. Any feedback is appreciated, how to make it better or just to tell me I did good, either way I look forward to it. Thanks for looking.


Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah! Like a bawss!

Epic! So smooth wish I was that good

Dude ur good. Could u post a tut on that thing at the begining where you throw the string around

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The one after the beginning regen or the one out of the 1.5 mount? If it is the second one then I can give you the video that I watched it from and learned it. I filmed that video in oregon and I am back home in North Carolina without the background and lighting I had there so no videos for a little bit.

Afteryou bind the first time you throw again and i think go into 1.5 mount and you bring your hand up and throw the string down it goes around the yoyo and hooks it, you repeat it like 3 or 4 times. Itd be much appreciated

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It was a Raytsh video that I saw it on and I just searched his whole channel and I can’t find it. It was at the end of one of his earlier combos and the video is in black and white. Sorry but unfortunatly I can not be of help to you. I will post agian if I can find the video somewhere though.

Could u just make a fast tut?

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As I said in my earlier post, I don’t have a background to contrast the string and very bad lighting so unfortunatly no, I can’t do a tutorial and I never have been fond of doing them anyway, sorry.

Love the long combo in the middle where you start to go fast.
Love the whip at about 2:40.
Love the video.

keep it up, man.

omg this is amazing! Lol. the slide riggs in action! dude with the bomb yo-yos haha

pooooop sad face. Whats the trick called ill youtube it

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Yeah, sorry about that. It was just some random element at the end of a video. No real name for it like most tricks on my video actually. I was just watching a video and saw that trick and I just tried to learn it, basically it.

It was awesome anyways good video!

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so smooth, and then at like 1:10 you broke out into like, super-speedy stuff, pretty tight my friend.

I love your fast combo, good sir :slight_smile:

@ Johnnyrocks and awhit

Thanks, that is my favorite combo. I love going fast most of the time.

Also nice to hear from you awhit. I am back home now on the other side of the country.

Try for a bump.

Very cool video!

I love that cool, laid back style.

Good hearing from you too, Mr. Riggs ;D hope you had safe journeys back home. It was super cool hanging with you guys at PNWR. I would ask you to make a tutorial on some of the elements in the “fast combo,” but as you clearly stated, you can’t…poop. haha. how are you liking that sleipner?