My New Favorite Combo


I came up with this at AZ states this last Saturday.




i cant see the video…


Sorry I hope this one is better :slight_smile:


Hell yeah man! Dope!! I like the whippage a lot. And at the end right before you bind. Where you pull your throw hand and it makes the throw flip over the string quicker. Good stuff bro!

I am here:
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(SR) #7

That was freaking sick! Please make more videos!


Soooo good.


This may not make sense but it just looks like you have great control of the yoyo.


Thanks man :slight_smile: This is a hard trick for me to hit consistently.


I have lots of videos posted up on YouTube. Some are good, and some are…not so good :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks I’m glad you liked it.

I know what you’re talking about, and thank you and to all for the the kind words. I appreciate it :smiley:


Real good!


That combo is sick man! Could you list the tricks that are in it?



They are two separate tricks that I made up. The second part of that trick has a string rejection that only works from a front throw.