---One Throw Test---

I for one love long combos and I don’t much like binding as it kinda messes up the flow of the whole trick, even regens show some hesitation now and again. Here is a long combo that is one throw, just messing around and trying not to repeat too much stuff. Allways like to hear what you have to think and thanks for watching.

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Good stuff Slade! Always live watchin ur flow

Good stuff man

That was awesome

really impressive. Wheres the vest!? :wink:


Reminded me a lot of my own style, except… I can’t do that long of a throw haha. Good job!

Thanks everyone, glad you like the vid.

@throwrw–Don’t worry I am still wearing it but it has gotten lighter than the black it used to be so it is much easier to see the string without it on.

That was exceptional. Your string hits (as well as any moves in which you pinch and flip the yoyo around) must be so danged clean to do that all in one throw!


wooooooow holy moly i didnt have the sound on at first… you happened to be listening to one of my favorite radiohead songs in this video…