One throw-Clyw Cliff

Hey guys!
My best 1 throw yet :slight_smile:

(Well. If its called a 1 throw if it has regens)

(I Still got nothing on Arron Davis…)

Be harsh guysss :slight_smile:

Good stuff!

i like it, a little techy for me but definitely nice tricks


Nnniiccee :slight_smile:

I think you’d really benefit from taking a few inches off your string. Your slacks and transitions would look much cleaner and smoother, and there would be less “dead time” between elements. I think you’ll notice that you’re able to do more tricks with one throw because there’s less time being used on just moving around in a mount. Also watch your string tension- in this video it didn’t mess up your accuracy, but it makes a big difference on the visual impact of the trick. I liked your tricks, but whenever I see someone make a triangle and just hop out it always makes me say to myself “that’s a waste of a perfectly good knot”! You can really take things to the next level if you view the knot itself as a part of the journey rather than the destination and try to find a unique way out of it. Also hanging a sheet over that back window in the future would likely improve your visibility by a couple magnitudes. The regens were super clean, really good stuff overall.

Thanks for some of that advice!
As for the string length, I personally enjoy a longer string length.
I do use shorter strings when I need to, but generally, most of my special binds etc. are very difficult with short string.
As for slacks. I agree totally. Short string is the way to go.
Right now, My string length varies from the dia and width of my yoyos.
Thankyou again :slight_smile:

This is awesome. Great vid

I feel like I should make a one throw with my cliff now… And your right. Long string is the way to go. Especially on the Cliff! I use very long string on my cliff, just feels right with the big diameter.

Do it!:3

Incredible regens, love the slap whip move near the end :o

Mad skillz <3

Thankyou so muchh! <3