Hi all! i’m new to this site but I’ve been practicing for about 3 months now i do every trick under the learn tab and i’m stuck on the expert moves. I’m finding it quite difficult to do triple or nothing if that’s what it’s called because i’m running out of string. I followed what they said to keep it from about your belly button to the floor. but after looking at a few pro vids, i don’t think they cut the string at all. should i just leave the length of the string? i only end up cutting an inch anways. :stuck_out_tongue: please give me some advice pls!! hopefully I can get revolutions down after some advice!!

That extra inch might be the key into doing the trick. Just leave it how it is in my opinion.

there are benefits to both shortened string and lengthy string.
pros:it gives you better control of the yoyo,i have found that it holds loops better because there is less string to get tangled,less likely to ding it on the floor,you can do tricks faster due to the minor increase of controlabilty.
cons:whips are harder,binds are a tad slipier,mounts and formations are smaller leaving less room for tricks.
LONG STRING,tricks are a bit chopy unless you throw super slowly.
pros:bigger mounts and formations leaves room for bigger movements in tricks,bind are better,whips are easier,tricks are smoother.
cons:less control over the yoyo,holds loops less for there is more string to tangle up,more likely to ding it on the floor,tricks are slower.
this is just an opinionated pro con chart.i prefer long string but others may think different.
hope this helped,

Short string and long string are actually the same in terms of getting tangled. Theres the chance the long or short string might have gotten twisted tighter. Also long string forces you to throw slower but not SUPER slowly thus amking your tricks smoother.