How long do you have your string?


I was wondering how long evoreybody has there string. I see a lot of pros with pretty short strings and i was wondering if there is aney advantage to having a short sting? I keep mine at full lenth.



i keep mine at full length. i think the shorter the string is then the more complicated the tricks get coz you done have as much to work with


Im 5 feet and 1 inch and i use full length 100% Poly YYN Highlights (Im sure they were highlights. I bought them from spinworkx, and im sure that spinworkx bought their string stock from yyn. The colors are the same lol)(Yes, im short)

The reason why i use full length is because i like tricks like ladder escape and plan D. They use alot of the string and if you have short strings, the segments will be smaller and it will be harder to pull off tricks.

But sometimes i cut 2 fingers width off and tie a knot. This shortens the string by a lot, despite the 2 finger width. This makes the string have less slack, less space, and makes it swing around faster. This is good for speed play. If you look at mickey, he usually doesn’t use too long strings. Short strings help you play really fast, because its really easy to pivot the yoyo around with small strings.

So, short strings help with speed play, but are only good for simple tricks. Complicated tricks like ladder escape tend to be harder, because you have less string to play with.


maybe I should try a short sting.  Seams like all of the good players have short strings.


a little bit higher than your belly button is perfect.


I recently started taking an inch or two off of stock strings (thanks to Boyd). It’s really improved the control I feel I have with the yo-yo.

(Mitch) #7

Less string equals a little more control but I prefer long string… You can see better because you can make things bigger, and I think its looks cooler… But it really is all preference… I keep mine full length

(system) #8

To my belly button.



Inch bellow belly button.



I think it’s too short to my bellybutton,so I use them stock.

(jared) #13

to my belly button it gives soo much more control


yeah, an inch or two will do for me (its just about how long you like it)
lol, having long string makes me unsmooth so I cut it to preferred lenght


I’m about 5’10", I used to use full string, but lately been trying taking off about an inch below the stock loop, so far so good.


i dont like long string so i usually have it so when i hang it from my belly button it is an inch or 2 from the floor, that being said, i have 6’1" so that might be normal length for some people.

(JonasK) #17

I play my string stock. I am about 1.81 tall, so the string is from my belly button to just a bit above the floor. This is, however, slick string I bought off “the guy” and I think that the string here might be longer stock, but I am not sure of that yet.


can someone give a vid on how to cut and remake loop for string i want to test shorter string xD ??? ???


Also, I now cut string to one inch under my belly button.

(Shisaki) #20

NECRO!!! Kinda…