Vote for Tutorials!


I have been wanting to start making tutorials for a while but I also want to make ones that would appeal to everyone the most. So why not make a poll thread right?

Here is a tutorial I made for Terra Yo-Yo Tutorials so you can see what most of my tutorials will look like, and a big thanks to them for getting me into making the tutorials instead of me putting it off.

I also forgot to add the last trick on the list above so I just made a video for the trick itself.
Sorry for not adding music but I was having problems with my video editing software so it was either render with no sound or remake the entire video, witch took long enough.


God I freakin love brents chopsticks. PLZ do a tut on that


Will do.

and bump.




How about a tutorial on sleeper ;D :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe, but that is a hard one.