Falling Star trick.


I believe I came up with this I havnt seen anything else like it so whatcha guys think? Thanks



Sweet Suicide!




Can You Make A Tut? EDIT: Never Mind I learned rom this Vid. And YoKid5000 its not a suicide.


That’s a pretty awesome trick you got there. :smiley:


Thank you guys. And if anyone wants a tutorial I could make one.


It is a suicide.


Yeah, it’s a suicide and he catches it from the back side.


tutorial tutorial we want a tutorial,tutorial tutorial we want a tutorial,(everybody chanting)tutorial tutorial we want a tutorial.


Just curious is there enough people that would like me to make a tut? If so I will even if its only like three of you.


Sure dude make a tut. I’d learn it. The more tricks the better. ;D


I dig it!!! And a Tut would be awesome.


alright ill conjure one up tonight after work :slight_smile:

(Hardcore_Max) #14

looks sweet as man, that would be a nice trick to add to my others tut me up.

(stephen_cameron) #15

Yes! I am very eager!

(_|@<06) #16

Cool! I like! TUT! lol


can you please make a tut for it? :-\


Yep I will have one within a day or two :slight_smile:

(YoYoBlaze) #19

I got it!!!

  1. Trapeze
  2. Trapeze & Bro
  3. Swing over NTH
  4. Swing back
  5. Hit top string into modified 1.5 Mount
  6. Suicide


Yah thatd be right. I can still make a tut though I will try to have one up today.