Tricks from double or nothing

So i have been throwing for a lil while now but i cant seem to find many tricks to do from a double or nothing. And know a few that go into one. Was just wanting to know what some are called and maybe a link to a how to vid. Thanks

why dont you make your own
and you dont have to stick to double or nothing try different mounts and things
when i started yoyoing my favorite trick from a double or nothing was matrix

Check out

Id like to be able to come up with my own tricks but that will come in time. Just like with when i was skateboarding learn whats out there then make things your own

Look at Amuse. Awesome trick!

Wow that does look awesome thanks

Look at double or nothing as a starting point. From there, you can go into Kwijibo(hop to trapeze or just jump right into the first hop) or even Dr. Strange. Or you can roll out to a trapeze and then to trapeze and bro. Or you can do the second half of McBride’s Roller Coaster by dropping out of the double or nothing into the the trapeze.

I tend to start most of my stuff with a double or nothing, as I can get control and then I can pretty much do whatever else I want from there. It may not be much, but it’s a starting point I prefer.

My favorite trick to do from a double or nothing is Charles Haycock’s trick, I forgot what it is called but I found it on a Sector-Y video. Anyone remember what it’s name is?

Land a double or nothing on the back string instead of the front, and then take your NTH pointer, grab the string towards the front of it, and pull it through the string towards the back of your NTH pointer, and then you have an eifel tower.

Cold Fusion