Double or Nothing tricks

Heyo guys, how’s everyone doing?

I’m relatively new to the yoyo world (3-4 months) and I’m in love with the double or nothing. It’s nothing fancy, I know but I just think it’s way cool. So the reason I’m posting:

Does anyone have some awesome moves that involve the Double or Nothing? I’ve got the Matrix down and I’m still going through the advanced sections of Andre’s guide.

Post a few moves on here, it’ll help me out and probably a lot of other players!

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I would say rewind is pretty simple.

Next is try to learn the 1 and a half mount. If double or nothing got you excited, learning 1.5 will make you ecstatic and then the fun really begins!:slight_smile:

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Alright, I’ll look into the Rewind :slight_smile: I’m planning on learning that mount friday at the latest. Trying to get all the previous mounts flawless, but the Double or Nothing…idk it’s so cool haha. I also still have the N bearing on my DMII so it’s spin isn’t as long, but I’m making due with it for now.

But thanks for the trick, I’ll let you know when it’s solid :smiley:

This page has my tutorials organized by mount.

Kwyjibo will get you into a double or nothing. You can also do a miniature version of black hops (as opposed to doing it from a triple or nothing).


That statement gave me a sad. OK, not really, but the funny thing is boing-e-boing was one of the first advanced tricks I learned and some people say they still haven’t figured it out after months or years. Kwijibo was another that I got in a few days of practice…

I’ve got lacerations up to triple (both real and fake), eli hops, jade whips, ninja vanish, and even getting there in terms of consistency with Brent Stole…

But I can’t do rewind!!

Weird, right?

Double or Nothing, eh? As you know, you can dismount to a trapeze; so any trick that starts with a trapeze, you could always throw a Double or Nothing to the beginning of it!

Yeah man, that’s why I like it so much. you can soup up a ton of tricks making them look that little bit more complex by just adding one twirl of the string! I sit there all day at work mounting and dismounting Trapeze and Double or Nothing. I’m just trying to get all of these easy ones down before I try super hard on the advanced levels.

I’ve tried the boingy boing, and I can do it with the N bearing of my DMII O.O and I got it within 2 hours…haha But I know how some people feel about some tricks. I’m having the same thing on Split the Atom. I can Atomic Bomb just fine…and do all the other Split Bottom mount tricks. But Split the Atom keeps eluding me. Maybe I’m not meant to be a physicist? Haha The Rewind looks way fun, I’m working on it right now. The one before the Triple or Nothing and the triple itself are giving the most difficulties right now. But I know with practice, I’ll get it down and so will you!

Thanks to everyone posting on my first thread! All the trick suggestions are helping a ton!

Keep up the posts, they won’t go unnoticed :smiley:


If you check out Yuuki Slacks the first slack you swing goes into a double or nothing.

Don’t know if you saw that yet or not. ;D

I haven’t yet! Thanks archer!

Cold Fusion

a combo I use is do a gerbil then do a reverse oliver twist and it turns to a matrix

Cold fusion
Trap door (this is good for a double or nothing to trapeze combo)
A baby black hops
I think and whut uses a double or nothing but still not sure.

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That said, this is one of my favorites.

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