Double or nothing


So guys like I said in my previous posts, just started again after about 15 years or so away from a yoyo. I was able to do all the basics, like confed flag, brain twister, trapeze, etc. But all these new strings are new to me. So I been learning my binds and honing my old tricks. While trying to learn new stuff. And just today I landed my first double or nothing! I know it may sound easy to u guys and I gotta admit I land like 3 outta 5 now. But this damn trick stumped me for a week. As frustrated as I was, it felt great when I landed it. Guess that’s why we do this. The joy landing a new trick brings. By the way I can do Eli hops pretty well, only took me a few days to get it, just trying to say how hard this double or nothing was for me to get. Guess we pick up some easier than others. That’s my story. Thanks for reading.


yeh double or nothing can be tricky to get, took me a week or 2, but now I can do The Matrix (continuous repeating double or nothing) 5x over with my eyes closed :wink: it’s just a matter of getting the muscle memory down


Yea if you have been gone for a long time. Getting back in the swing of things cans take a bit. Happy to hear your keeping with it. Once I started again about 5 months ago it’s been all ezy pzy. I haven’t looked back. Just looked at more throws for my collection hahahahaha.


Yup, once you’ve gone through that process a few times successfully (frustration, to landing it a bit, to landing it consistently, to more or less “mastering” it) it becomes easier each time. Knowing that the “frustration” stage will end makes it easier to stick to it. :wink:


Double or nothing took me a while to get consistnt, the thing was I kept landing on 2 or 3 strings instead of just one… I got it ovr time though


Fixed :wink:


Double or nothing was the 2nd hardest mount to learn, for me. The hardest was split bottom mount, but if I tried that mount when I was learning double or nothing, it would be easier though. It took me forever! But now I get it! Yay :slight_smile:


I didn’t think split bottom was that hard, much easier than double or nothing, and even double or nothing I haven’t found as tricky as the 1 and a 1/2 mount


1.5 was definitely harder than both. Not to discourage the original poster or anything… :wink:

Regarding double-or-nothing: a tried and true technique to learn it is to start with the Houdini Mount, which is a useful mount to know anyhow. It gives you the feel for how long each “pass” needs to be, while keeping that back string segment far out of the way.


Oh jeez, 1.5 mount took me ages to get. Now, almost all of my self-made combos have some 1.5 mount element in them. In my opinion, it’s the most vital mount to learn because of all of the things that can be done from it


I forgot about the Houdini mount, I only learnt it after I learnt 2x or 0, but I remember thinking it would have been handy to have learned 1st

I’m still learning 1.5 as we speak, I’m only just starting to land it with any consistency