I can do the Double or Nothing. Now what?

What do you think is the first trick based on the Double or Nothing mount I should learn?

The matrix it’s a must know. Pretty much the first trick I learned that put more than one element together

Yup ^^^ I still love the matrix, its a bad A trick. Maybe Houdini mount?

Matrix, of course!

Houdini Mount’s not a bad plan-- I actually learned Houdini Mount as a way to better learn Double-or-Nothing. But if you’ve already got D-o-N, you can add another mount to your repertoire in mere moments (Houdini is easier, in my opinion).

Matrix is a classic. First thing I learned on a Double or Nothing mount. Cascade is a nice one too. A more complicated trick would be Cold Fusion, I guess.

Other tricks that would be nice would be Rewind and McBride Roller Coaster. A Houdini mount would be awesome too. :3

I can sorta do the matrix now! I will work at getting it more fluid. I tried cold fusion a couple days ago and it was bad. I will try to learn that once I get the matrix perfect. Thanks for the help!

Green triangle, triple or nothing.

Really, if you go through the list of advanced tricks on this site that use it, it will progress in complexity pretty well. I ended up learning matrix, then rewind, then Buddha’s Revenge and Mcbride Rollercoaster pretty much at the same time. You really get a nice progression there. Rewind really helped me learn to get my breakaway technique down, so that the yoyo wouldn’t tilt so much during a longer combo, and those last two were great for 1.5 mount. After this stuff, learning Cold Fusion was much easier, since i had some of the elements put together. Trying out shockwave and Kamikaze have been good for learning magic drop and houdini mount after that.

Cold Fusion is a hard trick to get smooth looking. Or so I think, because I never spent time getting it smooth and mine still sucks. :wink: That initial bit where Andre and others go “swoosh swoosh” super fast… yeah, I just kind of thread the string into the gap. Looks bad. Didn’t love the trick enough to stick it out though.

Quick trick:

From double-or-nothing, hop the yoyo off the front string and onto the back. Curl your non-throwhand forefinger so that you’re sort of holding onto the front loop and the back loop slides off your forefinger to rest on the loop you’re now holding. Wiggle and give some shape and you have a “tower” at an angle.

Alex jv’s _clap clap tutorial

Learn Matrix, Rewind, McBride’s Rollercoaster, and Buddha’s Revenge. Once you do, you can create some nice combos using parts of all those tricks. That should keep you busy for a while. That’s how I first started out. It felt great developing my first combos using elements of each of those tricks.

Pretty fun trick! I hadn’t heard of that one. It doesn’t build off double-or-nothing, though. :wink:

Yeah, I was having big trouble learning double or nothing, then some of you guys said learn Houdini first, it saved meh life ;).

If you get the first two parts of cold fusion down, it really makes the trick a lit smoother. Getting the part with the 1.5 mount is pretty easy.

You should also look into the 1.5 mount once you get a little more advanced, its kinda confusing to learn at first.

Learn all the basic mounts, trapeze, trapeze and his brother, double or nothing, one and a half.

It’s definitely easier to get the double or nothing when you learn the houdini first because you have more room between the strings and that helped me a ton. After a while of getting mounts down, definitely look up petr kavka’s trick “candy slack”. It’s a little weird to figure out but you’ll get there :slight_smile: And a triple or nothing leads into black hops, but that’ll be a while down the road.

I’ve been practicing the matrix with a triple or nothing and an Eli hop after the reverse spin. It has been good because it helps me practice the hop and practice hitting the triple or nothing from the trapeze and repeating. I will check out the Houdini and mcbride roller coaster.

learn rewind. Andre has a tut on it

Split the atom


I am with the consensus. Learn the Matrix and then rewind. You will find elements from these in many, many other routines.

I am pretty good at the matrix now. The rewind I am getting better it. I keep messing up at the reverse triple or nothing step. I can do it 1/10 tries perfectly and can fumble through it most of the time.

I think next I am going to try to learn either Buddha’s revenge or kwijibo. :slight_smile:

Buddha’s revenge is the easier (and IMO less fun) of the two. You could learn that one just to have something to practice when you’re sick of missing those hops in Kwyjibo, and then move onto Kwyjibo which is a trick that will be fun to do for as long as you yoyo*. :wink:

*results may vary