Tricks that you put into tricks


The title says it all, but I don’t mean a combo. I mean like… well for example my favorite is doing a Matrix from a Triple or Nothing.

So what’s your favorite?


I’ve done a split the atom and then to a zipper.


That’s a combo, right?


Oh sorry, I think that I’m just having trouble understanding what you’re trying to say.


It’s cool, let me clarify it. As I said in my example, to get into The Matrix you have to do a Double or Nothing, but instead I do a Triple or Nothing. It’s the same thing as doing The Matrix, but it’s just making it fancier.

Sorry, I’m having a hard time explaining this, but it’s pretty close to a combo but not quite like it…


Sometimes I’ll do a Cold Fusion from a Triple or Nothing. Is that more like what you’re going for? Like the same trick but starting from a different mount?


Yes, exactly. Thanks for clearing that up, haha :wink:


Oh, that’s what you mean.

One time I tried doing an Eli hop from a double or nothing.

It didn’t work.


I’m no expert, but once you roll out from double or nothing back into a trapeze, you’re ready to go to the Eli Hops. I bet you just lost too much spin on the double or nothing.


It would be so cool to actually do that and land it at least 3 times! ;D

(Shaneola) #11

Actually. As of a couple weeks ago…you are an expert.


I’m merely a forum eXpert. I’m by no means a yoyo expert. If I were to make a video, you’d all say “oh, that’s just sad… pathetic really”.

I’d love to become a real yoyo expert. Here’s looking forward to more hard work!


That’s not exactly what I meant.

What I mean to say is that when I get into a double or nothing I try to pop it up and land it while still being in a double or nothing.

(Jei Cheetah) #14

I do quadruple green traingles.


But yeah I like to put Kwijibow in to a lot of my stuff.


I remember doing a Trapeze and popping the yo-yo up into a Buddha’s Revenge, it’s really cool to do and surprising that you can get into 1.5 Mount from a Trapeze, but I guess that proves the possibilities are endless with a yo-yo :slight_smile:


it feels cool to from buddhas revenge, and on the third jump, cross your arms and uncross them into a double or nothing. feels really fluid


I’m gonna have to try that :o -picks up Dark Magic-


Sounds like Asian pops to me…


Hmm maybe a Dr. Strange from a Triple or Nothing ::slight_smile: that would be tricky though