Moves from double or nothing

HI guys,

Im looking for any videos of compicated moves based around double or nothing.


Matrix, coldfusion, and Doctor Strange to name a few (all found on this site)

I dont have a video but I like to combine a few tricks from this site. I start with a sideways around the world and then a double or nothing into a matrix. Then as your doing the loop into the trapeze let the momentum swing the yoyo around into a suicide. Then I like to swing the yoyo around into a GT(Thats not on this site but heres a tut . <Im talking about the first GT in the vid, pop up and land in a trapeze and bind. its a little hard but its sweet

Good luck!

Here is a trick that has a Houdini Mount which is similar to Double or Nothing:

Really, there is THOUSANDS or tricks from double or nothing. If you learn Houdini Mount:

Then you could do unlimited tricks! Just use your imagination and try new things, Don’t rely to find all your tricks online, you have to face the real trick making process sometime.

Double or nothing.
Go into the string, so that the yoyo goes round your throw hand. You should be in some sort of double mount with two strings going round both hands.
Then pull the front string under the back string on your non throw hand-you should be in a wierd shape thing that looks like a boomerang.
Drop the string in your non throw hand so there is only string in your throw hand, swing the yoyo anti clockwize.
You should be in a trapeze on one finger, under cute the yoyo with your non throw hand pointer finger, drop the string in your throw ahnd and your in a trapeze.
the end.
hope you understood it.

Double or Nothing
Matrix, if you like,
As you end the Matrix (doing your rolls) keep on rolling. You’ll be doing a weird braintwister.
Then, do one roll on the outside, (in front of your hands, so it’ll be outside your right arm) and bind.

It’s normal to have the strings crossed after the roll on the outside. (That’s how I bind!!! Less jams.)