Late night after work little diddity

(Christopher Dougherty) #1

(ChrisFrancz) #2

That is really good! Seriously. I just do front style but I really like watching a speedy little side style thingy. Great job!

(shubham) #3

Man on the flying trapeze and his brother.well done.

(Christopher Dougherty) #4

Thank you gentlemen! I know it’s nothing fancy, I love to throw side mount lol


Oh! Didn’t know you were a lefty!

(Christopher Dougherty) #7

Yup, definitely am a lefty, I hate lol, makes everything a little bit more difficult in life haha

(Thomas Bellotti) #8

Looking good dude!

I’m working on the same stuff right now. Man and his brother, double or nothing, etc. Check out a trick called “The Matrix”. Just started practicing it tonight, and it’s a fun one. Pretty simple if you can do what you’ve got in this video

Keep up the good work!

(Christopher Dougherty) #9

Wow! I just watched a video on the matrix, what a cool trick!! After the double or nothing I was completely lost haha! It’s seems very repetitious, which is a good thing, it’s just getting that motion going it looks like it should fall into place once you get it. If that’s makes any sense lol, thank you!

(Christopher Dougherty) #10

Thank you for the confidence booster!! You really think I’ll be able to hit that trick? It’s awesome! After the double or nothing I get lost haha

(Mk1 Yoyos) #11

you’ll get it before long! just gotta keep working at it, and post any questions you have.

for matrix, after you’re in DoN you need to drop part of it. If you look at your throw-hand index finger, it has a loop near the tip of your finger - let that slide off and you’ll be in another mount where there’s a bunch happening on your NTH and nothing going on with your TH.

From here, swing the whole yoyo business around your NTH finger once so that it “windmills” into a regular trapeze. If you swing the wrong way, you can undo by going back the other way easily.

From this trapeze (and you can stop and rethrow here to practice) there’s a trick called a “flip” where you roll the trapeze around your hand and end up back in trapeze again. The positioning of your hands is important here, and it’s also easier to pull off if you still have the momentum from the windmill, but it’s still possible without that momentum.

Then, the final step of the matrix - using the momentum from the flip, you sort of just shoot the yoyo out to the side (of your throw hand), catch the string with your TH index, then bring it around into a Double or Nothing again.

Hopefully this text description helps you learn it!