Can I get some tutorials for tricks/combos from double or nothing ?

I wish I remembered the specific video(s) I have caught along with the time markers for reference, but unfortunately I have been super busy at work and usually would just catch a video on quick breaks between tasks.

Basically what I am looking for are names or tutorials for tricks or combos from a double or nothing other than Cold Fusion and hops - The ones I have seen in the videos are where the yoyo gets bounced from string to string some along with underpasses and roll overs but it all seems to stay within that double or nothing kind of framework… Yeah, I don’t even know where to begin with trying to describe it from memory, so if any of you could maybe point me in the general direction of where to start perhaps I can get more specific later.


Harrison Hurricane starts in a Double or Nothing.

Its called yuuki Spencer yoyo trick tutorial, if you can’t watch it here.
I think it’s pretty awesome, might be a little bit advanced for you though.

Thanks. I am already working on Yuuki Spencer, I probably just need to try and find the video(s) so you all have a better idea of what I am looking for.

Edit I tried going through some recent videos I remember watching and even a couple of new ones and couldn’t really find a good reference :frowning: it did make me remember though that the hands spent the majority of time in the vertical plane, and the yoyo was bounced from the left string to the right string, then dropped , wrapped around, popped up, hands horizontal , some kind of roll to put the hands vertical, more bouncing, rolling etc.

probably didn’t help. Man, I should have really favorited that youtube video so I could reference it again. next time for sure.

There is this one

But it might be kinda advanced

If you have a quick few moments, I’ve been rather fond of “Tunnels” ever since I learned it. It’s a pretty fancy way of transitioning from D-o-N to Trapeze:

Ive always loved this, as it was my first combo. First double or nothing, then buddha’s revenge, and then eli hops. if you’re just starting to make combos, do practice this and then start to get creative! ;D

But isn’t Buddha’s Revenge from the 1.5? And Eli Hops are from the trapeze?

Scroll Down to “Double Or Nothing” I have a whole bunch of mostly original tricks from that mount.

Here you are :slight_smile: