cool tricks from double or nothing?

I’m creating a combo and it uses double or nothing and i need some ideas to continue it.

Cold Fusion-Timeless classic

There are so many. It’s one of the most common mounts!

Scroll down to the double-or-nothing part. I like “Tunnels” as a fun way to get back to Trapeze.


Good find Greg!

Also, another cool trick from a double or nothing is the Zach Gormley tension slack trick. There’s a proper mount to do the trick, but it can also be got into from a double or nothing.

In fact, I ONLY do it from the double-or-nothing (then double-on around the TH forefinger)!

Wow what a great resource for a new thrower like myself! Although seriously, I don’t know what it is about fedoras but that thing is WILDLY distracting…cool site nonetheless!

POP THE YOYO ONTO THE BACK STRING (that’s what my mom always says when I ask her for trick advice)

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Seriously, though, if you pop the yoyo onto the back string, you can make an Eiffel Tower. Curl your NTH forefinger so that its loop passes through the other loop, and give the tower shape.

Yuukified Poutine Bucket.

Curl nth index, pull loop through back loop.
Undercut yoyo with nth thumb.
Undercut yoyo with th index.
Roll yoyo onto front most string, then roll in reverse, off the string.
Swing yoyo inwards and towards nth, landing on string connected to nth thumb.
Drop all except nth and th index.
Get tower.

Hard to follow :/, maybe I’ll make a video in the future :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the matrix :slight_smile:

I think Amuse is a real cool trick

Here’s a few tricks I like

These should give you some ideas.

Grandma kimmit sandwich is always good

Matrix and cold fusion are always nice to learn.

This is my go-to when I cant think of something to do while freestyling comboing whatever. Need to remember to roll more…