what are some easy and fun tricks to do off a trapeze

??? post some vids if you would like

kwijibo skin the gerbil, matrix, thousands of others as every trick can technically go from trapeze and drop into another mount…

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Skin the Gerbil. Matrix. I find Kwijibo one of those pesky harder to nail tricks.
A lot of tricks go to trapeze.

And if you’re interested, try rolling and un-rolling.

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kwijibo for me just “clicked”, I wasn’t able to do it AT ALL for 5 months, then, suddenly, I got how it worked and could just do it as I were doing it for ever.

I’d like to know what to do “around” the trapeze, meaning only with the non throw hand involved, like double on trapeze or chopsticks stuff, all kinds of things I could do while E-fan"ing in 5A


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Trapeze Tower is fun and easy, and is performed straight from a Trapeze. :slight_smile:

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yea but it involves both hands, not sure I can do it while e-fan’ing

but for 1A yes it’s fun and relatively easy once you get the yoyo not to tilt while doing it

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i learned that and green triangle in about 10 mins from there

eli hops is a good one to learn but it takes quite a bit of practice

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Any trick. But I suggest not only trapeze. “Open yourself to many other paths, you may find your way!”

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It’s fun to do arm or thumb grinds off of a trapeze, also I find the trick rewind fun.

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Chopsticks and crossarmed Gyroscopic flop

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McBrideRoller Coaster?

Also, Alexis JV makes EPIC LEGIT tricks with tutorials, there’s a thread on the tutorials.

Here is a trick from a trapeze:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpWT8FrXCv0&feature=player_embedded

Check out his thread!


Tricks you make up… ;D

Eli hops, kwijibo, the matrix, magic drop, suicide (not easy though), a variation of gyroscopic flop, easy version of thumb grinds and regular arm grinds, Iron whip, jade whip, slack trapeze, some bind variations, skin the gerbil… There are alot of tricks that come off of trapeze. It is a very important trick so make sure you master it…

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Iron Whip. Also Jade Whip, it’s fun, but harder to land. Same as Iron Whip.

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i know why this thread gets so many replies…


the dude is just giving away thank you’s which i dont have a problem with. because i do it too hehe, im not as successful though


thumb grind

you may want to look up some braintwister combos. they can be done from the trapeze as well as from a braintwister mount.

also look into some hop combos. they are really hard to get smooth and accurate, but when it is pulled of, they look sick. this would involve kwijibo, eli hops, crossarmed hop (or eli hop to crossarm), boomerang, maybe a roll or two, and some sort of brent stole variation that you may have to invent from a hop.

there are also plenty of chopstick mounts. Alex JV has a trick called idiom that can be done from chopsticks and you can go into a tower mount in the end.