Tricks based off Trapeze

What are some cool looking tricks that start with the trapeze mount?

Like almost every trick. Like Skin The Gerbil, Magic Drop, and you can just make up tricks too, and a bunch more tricks I’m forgetting because I’m too lazy to look, lol.

You can start any trick off Trapeze.

double or nothing slack

Learn the matrix, cold fusion, and kwijibo… Those are some good ones

thanks for the help ,and how do i create a trick? I know it sounds stupid, but I just started this week.

Think of something noone has done before.

I know, but how do I create it? Just do random stuff once in a trapeze mount?

Yeah, do anything you can do with it. Twist it, flip it, hop it, roll it. lol

Could you show me an example?

Always a favorite.

I mean, an example of a made up trick

I will see if I can make a video on how easy it is to make a trick. I’m editing another right now though. Ok? :wink: