Does anyone have any suggestions of a trick I could do in a trapeze that is not a common trick. Like something that looks pretty cool and has no slack tricks with it.

In a trapeze or with a trapeze? Theres not much u can do with just a trapeze but lots of tricks have a trapeze

-purely trapeze:
Eli Hops.
Oliver Twist.

-Basically trapeze-ish:
Lindy Loops.

-Moving to another basic mount:
Slack to Double-or-Nothing

Noting that your fav. trick is double or nothing you couls do a smaller form of black hops if you don’t know what that is you can look it up in the YYE tutorials.Hope it helps :smiley:


could* *facepalm

Or the first pop of kwijibo then get into a 1.5 mount from the first mount and work from there. also chopsticks mount is from trapeze and there is a lot from there