whats the best trick from a trapeze?


I just made up a really cool combo that ends in a trapeze. I would end it their, but it’s to short. It would be good if you guys could help me out. I want something that’s pretty fast, really cool looking and complex.



What I do when I make up a combo/trick that ends in a trapeze is I just simply get into another mount. You can also do the last part of black hops, then hop into a double or nothing. And, lwts say your combo starts off in a Houdini mount, do the combo and once your in a trapeze, lut your thumb where your non throw hand is, and do the motion of the matrix to get back into a Houdini mount and do the combo over and over, like a repeater. Thats just what I do :stuck_out_tongue:

(kclejeune) #3

Well, 90% of all sidestyle can start from a trapeze… But I say Eli hops look cool.


what I think I’ll do is go on YouTube and look at some rethinkyoyo tricks. I’ll find a cool part of one of those trick and add it on to my combo.


Do an Eli Hop that lands behind your head! Great way to finish any combo. Or do TMNT Cafe (which I can’t do). There’s a tutorial for it on YoTricks.

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Lasso :slight_smile:


if it ends in a trapeze, then you can take that pretty much anywhere. Can you post a video of the combo? We may be able to give you a fitting trick if we see it.



There’s a lot of rejection tricks you can do from trapeze.


Try this


i love throwing a backwards somersault into lindy loop, undoing lindy loop in forwards somersault, then you need to do an undescribable manuever to mid-somersault pop the yoyo into trapeze and his brother, then i like to do the slack into something else.


This seems backwards.