Flowy Elements/Tricks from Trapeze/1.5 Mount

So I’m working on my combo, and at the end of it and turns back into a trapeze/1.5Mount. Trying to add more to it, so are there any tricks that start DIRECTLY from the trapeze/1.5Mount?

Note: I am coming off from the trick “Revolutions”

The way the trick enters the trapeze ll affect how flowy the transition into the next trick is.

Its right off from Revolutions, and when after Revolutions you bring it back to a Trapeze.

If it s a fast trick that already lasted for some time i d just throw the yoyo up and reverse laceration sky bind
t s just that i have a combo of my own that does this

It’s just the 3rd element, altogether it doesn’t take very long, looking to add some more onto it