Cool little combo I made up

So I was messing around today and made up a 1 1/2 mount based combo. It’s my first “trick” I have ever made up so cut me some slack XD

You start out the combo by doing a Cold Fusion but do not dismount at the end, instead go into a Buddha’s Revenge and do that as long as you want, then from that go into revolutions and do that as long as you want. After that do a 1 1/2 suicide to end in a trapeze and then bind the yoyo back.

Is it good for a first “trick”?

got a vid? Sounds cool i’d like to see it in action due to the fact that I cant do revolutions.

Sorry I don’t have a video camera.

This guy has a great tutorial on how to do revolutions:

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also, revolutions help, you can also do it from a split bottom mount. just pinch with your right hand and swing left and inwards first. it is also called tweetee bird or something.