revolutions help...?

Okay, so one of the tricks I skipped when I was more of a beginner, was revolutions. I think it looks really awesome, but I can’t get it. I’ve been trying to learn it, and got the one on the split bottom mount, but when I do it the yoyo tilts a lot. Like when I catch the slack its about to die…

Is there something I need to do so it doesn’t tilt that much?

Also, I want to learn the one on the side mount really bad so i can put it in my combos, but I dont know how. I can’t really explain it I just don’t get it, do I move the yoyo in front of my body and start the slack part of the trick? Or do I move my body? Because the guy on yotricks looks like the yoyo is in front of him.

If you can help, thanks!!! :wink:

Well for revolutions when you do the motion for it don’t push it to much on the sides (your hand) just do the motion toward your hand meaning just do the motion toward yourself and not exaggerate on moving it to the sides. Hope this helps :slight_smile: