revolutions help

i need serious help with revolutions. i have the feel for it, but the string keeps interfering. i check for string tension and it still interferes. please help.

move in one motion hit the string first the swing then turn ur body plus swingto ur left

actually i am not very good at slacks and all i can do for slacks is slack trapeze. what should the next slack i work on be?

a good slack to learn first is the trapeze brother slack:

he makes good videos if you ever want to learn something

ok cool trick. i actually just nailed iron whip too. i will practice that trick next. What other tricks build up to revolutions?

I learned Revolutions before most of those tricks. You just have to make the yoyo move fast and very very smooth.

If that doesn’t work, I always do revolutions from a split bottom mount. It’s easier and still has the same effect. Though be warned that the yo-yo might go off the string.

Try both ways and see which one is right for you. Maybe try revs from the Trapeze and his bro.

ok, i am not sure how doing it from a split bottom mount works, but i will try trapeze and bro revs.

Make sure that you start swinging right when you hit the string, move in one fluid motion, and don’t move your hand to much. If you swing it around to much it gets caught on the string so make small motions.

Here’s a vid for split bottom mount revs at :50. I do it swinging the other direction.

Actually, not really necessary, but the rest of what you said is good advice. :wink: