revolutions help plz


hello…i have the motion down and averythang i just cant get the loop of the string to follow it while im doing the trick plz help. thank you


When you are almost in a 1.5 mount pinch the string so that it could create a slack

once the yoyo hit the string to the 1.5 mount just let go of your non throw hand

then do the motion (yeah)

while doing the motion , dont stop the pinching just continue the flow

Once done, just place your non throwhand into the loop

so that the advice I could give you (for now)


Try giving the string the yoyo is attached to different lengths. It creates a difference. More string=easier/to an extent/doesn’t look as good. Less string=harder, but better looking.

Remember to swing towards yourself first. Try it with a dead yoyo. Remember to keep the yoyo on one plane. When it is on the inside, your hand should be on the right. Outside, your hand moves in to the left, closer to your body, so the yoyo doesn’t move.


thank you i wil try it




0:47-0:49 is a revolutions from a split bottom mount. When I was learning this trick I found that the split bottom mount version makes it easier for the loop to follow you. Remember to rotate in and out right when you hit the string!

~Spin On!


If you think it’s easier from split bottom is because from 1.5 you’re not putting your hand in line with the yoyo so even if you need to turn sideways a bit to keep your hand in line with the yoyo. When Andre does Revolutions, he also moves sideways a little bit if you watch the video.


I learned it after doing the motion with a piece of Twizler Pull n Peels :smiley:

Give it a shot :wink:

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Hahaha. Blazing teens and Cantonese. I bet it’s in Hong Kong. And I will have to learn that.


I found that when I started to learn it, the smaller the slack, the easier it was to get it consistently. also the in/out motion is a big part of the trick. I would suggest what andre suggests and practice that separately.