Revolutions help!

Okay I’m attempting to learn revolutions. First I couldn’t get the hand motion, but I’m starting to get that down. But whenever I go into it the string doesn’t stay in a loop, it falls and tangles which in turn causes the yoyo to go out of control and stop. I play with a Magic T8 Shadow if that makes a difference. I’ve tried clearing the tension out of the string and that doesn’t seem to help. Maybe I don’t get enough tension out? Am I doing something wrong?

Here is how I got the motion down:

As soon as you catch & pinch the 1.5 mount, turn your torso 90 degrees to the left (assuming you are right handed). This will allow you to execute the revolving motion in front of you in a parallel fashion as opposed to the more difficult perpendicular.

How is this going to help with the fact that the string tangles instead of going into a loop and following the yoyo?

If you’re in a better position for executing the trick in general, you’re going to get benefits. :wink:

Other than that:

  1. Triple-and Quadruple-check that you’re doing it right. It’s easy to go wrong here, including the side you need to swing first.

  2. String tension. You want neutral.

  3. Momentum-- you can only get this one by feel. You have to be going fast enough that stuff stays “put together”, but slow enough that you keep an open loop.

Honestly, if it’s snaggling and twisting that much, though, it’s more likely just that you’re getting a step wrong. The trick isn’t the tangliest trick around when done correctly.

Doing it from a 1.5 is tricky. Try it from a split bottom mount. Whip the slack forward, on one side, then forward on the other side, and repeat. Catch the slack to end it.

I got the motion down by doing it reverse from a bro mount.

One thing that occurs to me: are you turning the right way? Sometimes even though it’s shown in the videos, we just get it wrong.

If you get into the 1.5, and turn to the throwhand side (right if you’re a righty) and then try to go to the “inside” first, it’s just going to be a mess. You have to turn to the NTH side. If you keep your NTH forefinger in the loop, it’ll become obvious where you should have that loop before you start doing the revolutions.

But definitely watch the video again; maybe a POV video if you can find one. Gots to turn to the NTH side and do your revolutions in a “backwards” swing.