Revolutions Has No Loop!

I’m learning Revolutions from Andre’s tutorials and I have the motion, I have the loop even, but the loop won’t open up! It just kinda whips around! Is there some sort of magical thing that will make it open up? Or does it just come with time? ???

Check your string tension. Maybe the string is too tight or loose.
And try to have the yo-yo kind of in the middle of the your pointer fingers when you are about to start the trick. Having it too close to your throwhand finger could cause the loop to fall off the yo-yo’s gap. Having it closer to your non-throwhand will make the loop tiny.

String tension is the main problem. Get good string tension then try it. Also, if you move too slow, the loop will be lost.

The main problem is that the string is probably not going in the gap. Make sure when you swing the loop around, the string that is supposed to make the loop stays in the gap.


Man, Brett, that camera is awesome!!! I would never have learned the wrist mount if not for that camera. How much are they? What type of camera is it? That is better than explaining anything about revolutions. Samad was right, make sure the yoyo hits that string and the string stays in the gap of the yoyo, and also you can’t have like ANY twists in your string, so make sure you have them all out and then pop-start or snap-start your yoyo, because hand winding it can make revolutions way tougher.

Something that helped me when i first learnd it was to be sure you swing it the right way, make sure your spinning it counter-clock wise. Also you need to have a big loop, the one you pinch,have it be about 4-5 inches long, this helps with the spinning part. Next, now this just helps me, turn your body sideways, this will help it feel better and more of a revolutions. Hope this helps, and remember just keep practicing, this is a hard trick, it took me almost a week to get it down, and i still can’t get back into a one in a half mount after almost a month. But im still practicing it, and it helped me get the nickname TaYoYoFreak at school…finally. Just don’t disappointed if you don’t get it.

Brett FTW! ;D

check the string tesion or dont whip as fast

Hey Brett would you mind throwing in a side angle for that?? I keep trying to get this trick but the yoyo spins out on me :frowning:

I think my angle changes cause I need to hold my elbow and arm in closer to my body after watching that.

Hahaha I learn from my own videos :slight_smile:

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Awesome thanks a lot Brett, that really helped a lot. :smiley: