Revolutions help!

I am assuming someone else has posted about this, but I need help with revolutions. The string doesn’t open up and my throw starts going sideways. Anyone got any tips??

You have to put your thumb through the loop that’s going from your NTH to your TH. Let me know if this helps!

I will try an let you know

Sounds like a string tension problem, and keep trying

I undo the string tension but it still wont open up the loop

There’s a prime speed you need to swing the yoyo around at. Too fast or too slow and the loop just doesn’t form properly.


What helps me is with my extra fingers that I don’t use in the trick is I put them as a spacer between the slack and that helps open it up.

Are you doing your 1.5 mount correctly? You have to turn your TH to get it straight :).

I turn my hand, but maybe not the right way, that might be why. I am left handed, so I throw the opposite. Do I turn my hand in towards my body or away??

Same exact problem for me, and a lefty too. Not only does the string not open up for me, it doesn’t even really do anything. I don’t see any mechanism for that to happen either. It just sits there while I spin the yoyo around. I must be doing something wrong but I don’t know what it is.

Same here, do i turn my hand in towards my body to do the trick or away from my body? and how is it suppost to go around? anyone know any good vids to help with this please

I haven’t tried following the advice in this thread yet, but just to commiserate: that flat dangly bit of string that’s supposed to be a “loop” is all I’ve ever seen when trying this trick, too. We’ll all get there!

One thing is in your 1.5 mount you pinch the string on your index throw hand with the thumb. You throw the loop of your non throwhand over your throwhand then start swinging it. Try not to hold too near the yoyo as well

not too far away too though. pinch!!!

Try learning frontsyle revolutions, much easier in my opinion. Find a tutorial on

For your yoyo going sideways, try turning your body to the right.

You’re not turning your body all the way. I had the same problem. If you do not turn your body all the way the string runs against the side of the yoyo.