I need revolutions help!

I can do the one and a half mount and pinch. I can get the swing motion. But when i swing it, there is no loop. Instead, it is 3 strings all together where there should only be one. Please help!

when you are in the 1.5 mount try crossing your nonthrow hand over your throw hand but not completly then try the swinging motion i think thats how you do it because i can do it a little bit

When going into the 1.5 mount go directly into revolutions. As soon as the yoyo hits the string pinch and as it swings over your throw hand start the swinging motion. The momentum should carry the loop around.

Also try to go a little slow and smooth because if you go fast the string will be pulled towards the yoyo.

i think that might be my problem. i think i’m going too fast.

Did you figure out how to do revolutions?

yea i finally got it thanks for the help guys

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You can also do it from a trapeze and bro mount, that’s how i do it