how do you do revolutions


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specify. on thing that is felpful with slacks is having the distance from your hand to where the yoyo is spinning be realitivly long so that you can get more weight and force behind it. also the thing that is crucial is you need to stand like it is a sleeper or at least have your arm like that or the string will hit your arm the second time it comes around

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To OQ, It takes practice to get the loop big. Make sure tension is correct. Also bring your throwhand closer to the 0.5 of the mount to make the loop bigger.

If u can’t get them from the 1.5, try a split bottom, let go of the string on your nonthrowhans pointer and swing. I can make a vid if u want.

IMHO, the key for revolution is to have a perfect 1.5 mount.

When you land the 1.5 mount start IMMEDIATELY the revolutions, it have to be one flowing motion.

It also help (if you start from the trapeze), when you land the 1.5 mount, to move your RIGHT hand (throwhand) to the LEFT. It helps to keep the yoyo in axis because you can move better your whirst.

The first times you perform it, string tension is essential.

Here Brett shows how to do the trick:

Have fun and good luck :slight_smile:

The key is to pinch the string the second you get into 1.5 and start swinging. Your arm should be perpendicular to your body while swinging or the yoyo will just die out. Always swing towards your self. I learned this trick by doing it wrong over and over until i got it right its like boingy boing you just got to keep doing it until you get the movement. Keep in mind the closer you pinch to the yoyo the bigger the loop. Make sure your tension is neutral or it wont work at all.

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