revolutions help

i am unable to get the loop to follow the yoyo when i do my revolutions

Try hitting the string a little farther away from your finger, and then start the revolutions. If you land the yoyo too close to your finger, it’s not really hitting enough of the “loop” to cause it to swing as you start the swinging motion.

Also, the same sort of trick can be done in frontstyle (in front of you) from a Split Bottom Mount instead of a 1 1/2 Mount. I think the frontstyle variation is a little easier to get the hang of at first.

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First of all check you sting tension so that it dosent twist up when you go to swing it around. And you can also try land the yoyo father away from your finger when you go into the 1/2 mount so that it helps get the loop. hope this helps hope you get it soon.

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Also, give a search around the forum (as in the search button) and you will find lots of good information.

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Like the others said, it’s important to get the string tension just right.
Please consider checking out my quick guide:

From there it’s all about swinging as soon as you get into the mount, and keeping a constant and fluid motion.  Just keep practicing and it’ll come to you eventually.  Good Luck!

I know you hear it a lot but practice makes perfect. If you need to try practicing the swinging motion with a dead yo yo. Also check your doing it right, when i first learned i was swinging the wrong way. Practice this trick it is sweet, and a real impressive one to do in front of people.