I have the movement of revolutions down but it doesn’t take long before it tips and stops spinning… how do I fix this?

throw harder, dont swing as fast as you can

I throw pretty hard and swing moderately fast but then after two or three swings, it tips beyond binding point

swing evenly on both sides. when i first started, i found it easier to turn my entire body

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I agree with carlg. Turning your body helps a lot at first. Make sure you are making tight turning motions with your wrist as well. An exaggerated wrist motion will exaggerate the whole trick causing the yoyo to become unstable.

You could also do it from the split bottom mount. That’s how I do it and I think it is much easier.

Also a viable option. Doing it in split bottom is a different trick however and feels much different than revolutions. I believe it is called whirly bird. Not to mention Revolutions is easier to transition into other sidestyle tricks. Most find frontstyle tricks limited and in freestyles they tend to do a little routine in frontstyle then finish out the rest of their performance with side or horizontal style play.

Dont swing it too fast.