Okay so this trick is giving me alot of trouble The maintaining the loop but when spinning the yoyo I cant keep it horizontal. It either spins out or goes forward/vertical. Idk what to do or how to spin it better. Help would be appreciated

first problem: when you throw, it should be vertical, so you are either doing excalibur, or you have a failed terminology.

2nd: probably swinging too fast or uneven. go slower, and swing evenly on both sides.

I’d suggest moving your wrist from side to side. This way the yoyo stays (mostly) on one path, but since your moving your wrist from side to side, the yoyo is still alternating the sides of your hand. Also, when you swing the yoyo to the side close to you, bend your wrist back a lot. Experiment a little with wrist movements, the problem you describe is almost always caused by swing the yoyo out from your wrists to far.

Try learning it from the split bottom mount first. Then, once you get good at that and understand what is going on, THEN try doing it from the 1.5 mount. That’s what helped me get it… ;D

I find that with most that is a hindrance.

It’s all about keeping the motion fluid and symmetric. It’s something that you’ll practice on for ages and then it will just click.