Yoyo trick -revolutions help


So what I need help is on the swinging motion with the wrist.every time I do it my yoyo runs out of spin or also the yoyo doesn’t stay straight.any ideas or tips?


Something I noticed when I first was learning is to make sure you are aware of any gaps in your fingers that the string may hook onto as it swings by, if it hooks for even a moment it will make the yoyo off kilter. So make sure there aren’t gaps. As for the wrist motion… the best way I can describe it is a parade wave. Lol. Hope this helps.



What I figured out is that you really have to go fast and exaggerate your hand movements so that the yoyo stays centered on the string


Try it from trapeze and his brother mount. I find that it’s easier then from 1.5 mount. Once you get the motion down you can try again at 1.5