Oliver Twisted

Can someone help me out with this tricks, when i try to rotate it the yoyo just kept falling off the strings . do i need to rotate faster , do i need to keep both my hands closer etc ???

Probably need to rotate faster so the force of the swing keeps the yoyo on the string.


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Thanks i’ll try that , the yoyo just his my wrist so i have to take a break , damm it hurts :’(, also the yoyo need to be in a percise clockwise position right ?

As precise as you can possibly manage. How precise it needs to be depends on the yoyo you use. Some are a bit more forgiving on less-than-perfect play than others.


How about the ONE yoyo ??

Probably needs to be a bit more accurate since it’s a bit on the light side.


I figured it out Yuki, i just need to put my hands closer and then swing :slight_smile:

Great job!