Gyroscopic Swing

I am having trouble with the trick at 00:29. [I think it is called Gyroscopic Swing] Every time I try it the loop falls out of the gap of the yo-yo. Do I have to swing it faster or something?

It sounds like you’re either not swinging it fast enough, or you’re not swinging it correctly. Try practicing the swinging motion vertically before you do it sideways. (I believe it is the same swinging motion as revolutions) Remember to grip the string with your throwhand pointer and thumb, and it’s not just swinging it aroung in the same spot. if you were to do that vertically, it would look like you were swinging nunchuks. Hope I helped!

looked good to me. awesome vid!

Make sure that your yoyo is swinging almost parallel to your hand, you don’t want it to be too slanted compared to your hand. Also, swing it faster.