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I’ve been having problems doing brain twister. I can do the mount, but when I try to turn it the yoyo turns and then stops spinning. How can I do brain twister without that happening? Thanks for the advice! I just perfected it! :slight_smile:

(Jesse) #2

Well what yo-yo are you using? If it’s a very beginner yo-yo like a brain or such, then it might be time to upgrade…


If it’s a ball bearing yo-yo, then you probably just have to, yes, you know what I’m gonna say.



(Infinite Chaos) #3

When you do you’re under mount, make sure that when you go to spin to yoyo that it’s staying at the end of the string. Your problem could be due to the string sliding down into the gap and beginning to bind in the yoyo. So just make sure that when its spinning around your hand its moving fast enough to stay at the end of the string.


Make sure the strings aren’t touching the side of the yoyo, otherwise it will make it turn and then spin out, try to keep all the strings all lined up and then you should have no problem.

(JonasK) #5

Don’t pull the yoyo up and down the string, keep it on one spot. My guess is that you are winding the yoyo while doing the trick.


through strighter


through straghter and harder

(YoYoBlaze) #8

OK here some basic hints but the most important one is PRACTICE.
OK when you do the mount make sure it’s straight. then when you’re rolling you roll towards yourself. many beginners tend to roll away from them sice they’re afraid to get hit in the face. ok another thing when you’re rolling make you’re rolling straight: no angles no moving around just pushing into the string and following with your hand. another thing that helped me is i lined the my hand with the stringto ensure all the strings are straight.
Good Luck

(Nova) #9

Looks like you just need practice, because his two fav. yo-yos are The Vict and Lyn Fury.


Fixed ;D

(J. Lev) #11

A key aspect is to not go ballistic. All you really need is a small push to make the yoyo swing over. Also, make sure that you’re swinging first towards yourself, and you have all of your set-up correct.


Wow! A day and already so many replys! ;D

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lol, don’t you just love how helpful folks are around here? Just fantastic. :smiley: