Learning Brain Twister

Help Me Out On This Trick!!! I Can’t Get The Yo Yo To Go Over My Hand.Is It Something To Do With My Flipping?

What part do you need help with?

Put the yoyo in the mount…
Do a few summersault,
put the yoyo out of the mount


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make sure you’re rolling towards yourself most people start rolling away from them. and if you like a Brain, it’s time to upgrade.

what yoyo do you have because responsive yoyos do not work all that well in my opion

Say that to Ed Haponik…

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make sure you have a really strong sleeper so it would last longer and try to make your brain twister straight. On your flipping you just need more practice :slight_smile: ;D

apparently hes using an auto… its time to upgrade my friend. but ive done it with that yoyo so…
first put it in the mount (if you know it) then either push it in or out. and you should be doing it. if the problem is that its shooting up at you its because of the auto.

I suggest you grap yourself a kickside, lyn fury, velocity, or even a Dark magic.

when your about to swing the yoyo around try to do some small swings first than swing the yoyo around, also make sure your yoyo is straight when you swing the yoyo

hope it helps


Lol. ;D

that’s because they require you to be smoother :wink:

It helped me to try it dead first. With my kickside I could only get two or three revolutions at first. Remember, Practice makes perfect (Remember that when you get to split the atom).